The Business Owner’s Dilemma

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Too many business owners aren’t enjoying the success they’ve earned.

The pressure of continuing growth while also planning their existing success leaves most owners overwhelmed.

After serving as a guide and partner to some of the world’s most successful business owners for nearly twenty years, author Ali Nasser identified three critical dilemmas challenging their minds:

1.The Re-Investment Dilemma(TM): How do I re-invest my success?

2.The Legacy Dilemma(TM): What is it all for?

3.The Exit Dilemma(TM): What is my best exit strategy?

Ali has successfully turned those challenges into opportunities via the Wealth Integration System for Entrepreneurs(TM) (WISE(TM)). This powerful and proprietary framework reveals how business owners can integrate business, wealth, and life decisions to create the outcomes they truly desire.

The Business Owner’s Dilemma will help you:

– Gain clarity over your dilemmas.

– Learn a simple and powerful design to approach all aspects of entrepreneurial wealth.

– Take control and decide on a path to capture your life’s work.

Successful owners understand it is impossible to capture and monetize success without strategy and integration. WISE(TM) creates the path to bring it all together and take your results to the next level.”



Ali Nasser is a passionate entrepreneur, communicator, and life enthusiast. He loves helping people find their best path forward and enhancing intentionality. Ali is a sought-after communicator and keynote speaker and has shared his insights at a variety of institutions, workshops, and conferences, including Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Vistage, and the EOS National Conference. He lives in Houston, Texas. Connect at

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