Vision Value Model™: Marketing to Maximize Business Value

In this session attendees will learn the Vision Value Model; a framework that business owners can use to completely revolutionize their marketing and their business as a whole.

The framework helps owners:

  • Create a Vision for their business and their life
  • Define the Values that matter the most to them
  • Set the Goals that will make their Vision a reality
  • Discover Clarity around their marketing and their business processes

Business owners who apply the Vision Value Model to their businesses see results immediately. During Randi and Heather’s presentation, they’ll outline the Vision Value Model in detail, covering topics like:

  • What your Vision should look like
  • How to define what matters most to you in terms of PiPP (People, impact, Process, Profit)
  • How you can protect what you Value most
  • How you can use marketing as a change agent to alter your business processes and meet your goals

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