Leaving Your Mark


By Living a Life Defined by Six Hallmarks


Leaving a lasting and positive mark (aka, Legacy) is a goal many aspire to, but achieving it requires living a life marked by certain hallmarks. A strong legacy isn’t just about the wealth or assets you leave behind; it’s about the impact of your life in various dimensions. Let’s explore six hallmarks that define such a life as being Spiritually Anchored, Physically Fit, Relationally Rich, Emotionally Healthy, Vocationally Aligned, and Financially Free. 

1. Spiritually Anchored 

A spiritually anchored life provides a strong foundation for legacy. It involves a deep sense of connection with something greater than yourself, which can manifest through religion, personal spirituality, or a commitment to certain values and ethics. This spiritual grounding often guides decisions and actions, ensuring that the legacy you leave is aligned with your deepest beliefs and values. 

QUESTION: For you to consider yourself Spiritually Anchored, what would you have to be doing on a consistent basis? 

2. Physically Fit 

Physical fitness is crucial for a robust and active life. It’s not just about longevity but the quality of life. Maintaining physical health allows you to actively participate in your life’s endeavors and be present for loved ones, thus contributing to a positive legacy. It also serves as an example for future generations about the importance of caring for your health. 

QUESTION: For you to consider yourself Physically Fit, what would you have to be doing on a consistent basis?

3. Relationally Rich 

Relationships are at the heart of a meaningful legacy. Being relationally rich means investing time and energy in building and maintaining strong, positive relationships with your family, friends, and your community. These relationships are often the most tangible aspect of your legacy, living on through shared memories, continued traditions, and the lasting impact on others’ lives. 

QUESTION: For you to consider yourself Relationally Rich, what would you have to be doing on a consistent basis? 

4. Emotionally Healthy 

Emotional health is key to a well-rounded life. It involves self-awareness, resilience, and the ability to manage emotions effectively. As an emotionally healthy individual, you can foster positive relationships, face life’s challenges with strength, and leave a legacy of emotional intelligence and well-being. 

QUESTION: For you to consider yourself Emotionally Healthy, what would you have to be doing on a consistent basis? 

5. Vocationally Aligned 

Vocational alignment refers to engaging in work that is in harmony with your skills, passions, and values. It’s about making a meaningful contribution through your career, whether through professional success, mentorship, innovation, or service. As a vocationally aligned person, you leave a legacy through your work’s impact and the example you set for dedication and fulfillment. 

QUESTION: For you to consider yourself Vocationally Aligned, what would you have to be doing on a consistent basis? 

6. Financially Free 

Financial freedom is not just about wealth accumulation but the ability to use financial resources wisely and responsibly. It involves planning for the future, including legacy planning, to ensure that your financial assets continue to benefit loved ones and causes you care about. Financial

freedom also allows you to live generously, contributing to a legacy that values giving and stewardship. 

QUESTION: For you to consider yourself Financially Free, what would you have to be doing on a consistent basis? 


Are you living from a posture of being spiritually anchored, physically fit, relationally rich, emotionally healthy, vocationally aligned, and financially free? If you could pick just 2 Hallmarks, which ones would you start working on as soon as you finished this article? 

Perhaps you owe it to yourself and those closest to you to make those Hallmarks your number one priority. 

I’m Scott Couchenour, 4th Quarter Coach. I work with my clients to craft a personal strategic plan that is lasting for the rest of their lives. 

They are experiencing increasing freedom while simultaneously stopping the flow of regret in their lives. 

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of living your life by design like my clients, contact me: coach@servingstrong.com 

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