Jeff Sandene

Jeff Sandene, CFP® began his financial services career in 1996 and founded Sandene Strategies, LLC in 2005.  His entrepreneurial spirit is driven by independence and a strong desire to see his hard work rewarded.  

Jeff has chosen to focus his practice on business owners, in part, because of a negative financial outcome in his family.  His entrepreneurial grandfather built an agricultural products franchise over 31 years.  However, when he was unable to work any longer, he received nothing for his business and decades of effort.  He lived out his remaining years depleting his meager savings and living off his social security checks and the benevolence of family members.

Properly coordinated business and personal planning could have prevented this tragedy.

Sandene Strategies’ mission is to uniquely serve America’s business owners by planning for their financial security and contributing to their lives of growth, purpose, and fulfillment.  Our process takes a deep dive into all aspects of our clients’ business and personal financial situation, including risk management, retirement accumulation and distribution, investment management, and estate planning.  This comprehensive approach helps business owners avoid the fate of Jeff’s grandfather.

Securities and Advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a registered investment advisor.  Member FINRA & SIPC.

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