Burt F. Copeland

Burt Copeland is known for dramatic financial turnarounds and bold, legacy-building exit planning.  As CEO of New Life CFO Services, he is a dynamic organizational leader with an uncommon combination of financial discipline, strategic vision, and operational expertise. His key area of influence is driving strategic and profitable growth through performance and capability assessment to quickly drive plans that produce desired results. With over 25 years of experience leading the financial and operational functions of small to medium-sized companies, Burt has proven his ability to help companies improve EBITDA and raise valuations throughout his career. Burt is an accomplished public speaker and is known for his witty but down-to-earth explanations of sophisticated financial strategy.

Burt is the Founder and CEO of New Life CFO Services, a Fractional CFO and Outsource Accounting Services Company.  He has owned two other businesses in addition to his roles as CFO, President, VP of Ops, and Controller for companies of various sizes.

He started his career in public accounting, became a CPA in 1986, and earned his MBA in 1996. 

Burt’s passion is to use his experience in financial, strategic and operational management to serve others. He created New Life CFO to enable small and middle-market companies to meet their audacious goals. By guiding clients through challenges and providing dedicated support, he allows them to focus on using their own gifts to do what they love — not what they have to do. Burt is very passionate about maximizing performance as it aligns with a Wesleyan Concept of  “Make all you can”, as God gave us unique gifts to be used to their fullest;  “Save all you can”, as this reflects our calling to be discerning Stewards of the resources created by these gifts; and “Give all you can” as a way of enabling the gifts of others.