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Morning Keynote

Designing Your Life's Best Season Yet

Scott Couchenour

You spent the majority of your life building your business dreams and goals. You've achieved success. Now what? Many people get to this stage without thinking about what comes next. Scott will share his six winning hallmarks of building a strategic plan for your 4th quarter. Chart a course for your 4th quarter that enriches your career, growth, and relationships. Seize the chance to live fully and finish strong.

First Breakout

Build Your Business with the Exit in Mind: Value Drivers and Deal Killers

Join us for a panel discussion delving into essential steps and strategies to prepare your business for a successful transition. Our expert panelists will provide…

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EOS: Framework for Business Success

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) program is where business success meets systematic simplicity. EOS is a comprehensive set of tools and processes designed to help…

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Tax Planning Basics: It Pays to Plan in Advance!

Tax Planning Basics: Maximizing Your Business’s Financial Efficiency is a comprehensive session designed to demystify the world of taxes for business owners. Our expert presenter,…

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The Sales Framework for Scaling Your Business and Exponential Growth

In this session, we will dive deep into a crucial topic: scaling and setting the stage for a successful business exit. It’s not just about…

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Second Breakout

Assembling your “Dream Exit Team”

Join us for an engaging panel discussion that sheds light on assembling the perfect team to navigate your business exit successfully. In this session, seasoned…

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Breaking Free from Owner Dependency

Join us as two leading experts share the keys to delegating effectively, streamlining operations, and fostering a culture of autonomy within your organization. Learn how…

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Protecting Your Legacy: Planning for your Retirement and Beyond

Protecting Your Legacy: Planning for Your Retirement and Beyond” is a crucial session focused on ensuring a secure future for you and your business. Join…

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Taking (Some) Chips Off The Table: Exploring Liquidity Options

Don’t miss our session where expert presenters explore a range of exit options, including ESOPs, private equity, and more, offering insights to enhance business owner…

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Lunch Keynote

Rapid Transformation:
The Psychology of Exponential Growth & Achievement

Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Get ready for an enlightening conversation between Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Tom Bronson at the Business Transitions Summit! They'll delve into the realm of Rapid Transformation, Dr. Hardy's groundbreaking new book coming out soon, offering invaluable insights and practical strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners. From unlocking your full potential to leveling up your business, Dr. Hardy, an organizational psychologist renowned for exponential growth strategies, will share powerful techniques to accelerate growth and achieve your future self—your dream exit. Don't miss this dynamic discussion packed with actionable advice that will propel you toward success! And be sure to check out Dr. Hardy's other books here.

Third Breakout

Five Financial Planning Mistakes That Could Ruin a Business Owner’s Retirement

One of the central challenges business owners face is the need to navigate the complex landscape of financial planning to ensure a secure retirement. Many…

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Growth By Acquisition: What You Need To Know Before Buying A Business

Join us for a dynamic session where we’ll share invaluable insights for business owners considering growth through acquisition. Our expert panel will cover key factors…

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Guarding Against Business Breakups: Implementing Corporate Prenups for a Smooth Business Divorce

In this engaging discussion, we’ll explore the importance of having a solid business pre-nup in place to safeguard your interests and relationships in the event…

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Vision Value Model™: Marketing to Maximize Business Value

In this session attendees will learn the Vision Value Model; a framework that business owners can use to completely revolutionize their marketing and their business…

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Fireside Chat

Tales From the 17% Club

Mitch Felderhoff
interviewed by Tom Bronson

Join Mitch Felderhoff and Tom Bronson for an insightful discussion on what it takes to be part of the elite 17% of business owners who successfully achieve their dream exit. Gain invaluable insights, practical strategies, and firsthand experiences from these industry experts as they share their journey and tips for navigating the path to a prosperous business transition. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from those who have been there and unlock the secrets to realizing your own dream exit.

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Afternoon Keynote

Your Baby's Ugly

Justin Goodbread

"Your Baby's Ugly" challenges business owners to reassess their attachment to their businesses and recognize the importance of creating an attractive asset rather than a personal project. Author, Justin Goodbread shares invaluable insights on nurturing your company for better transferability, longevity, and increased appraisal value. Discover the key areas that drive up business value, the importance of leadership over management, and practical strategies for creating repeatable sales and effective marketing. Don't hold your business back from its full potential—unlock the secrets to building a highly transferable and profitable enterprise.

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